Chadar Trek is a must-have for everyone living in the metropolitan area and has been seeking freedom for a long time to have the opportunity to start their hard life. When it’s done, someone will appreciate the extraordinary conventional excellence and why you should get it. The Chadar trek circuit is a completely different journey because it traveled for a long time on the frozen Zanskar River at an altitude of 13,000 feet at an altitude of about 25 degrees Celsius. In the cool breeze, the experience of traveling on the aqua-blue ice line between the tranquil Chocolate Mountains nearby is a consideration in itself. This trip is organized under the rules of adventure in difficult places because it requires endless practice. Before starting this trip, people should also have suitable partners. The method of the tour is about 105 kilometers. From all aspects, the pilgrims will continue to run a distance of 15 to 17 kilometers.

 The city fell into the shadow of Chadar Trek and fell into grief. During the tour, explorers will travel to these two towns within a few days.

 The journey begins in Leh. The ideal way to get to Leh is by plane. It is surrounded by snow and looks absolutely white. As the plane taxied towards Leh, 11,400 feet above sea level, people could see the snow-capped mountains from the plane. Walk around the frozen Zanska River in winter. During this period, the ice will usually be in its most stable state. The Frozen River Trek started in the mild Chilling, where the Zanskar River began to freeze.

 Over the ice surface

 The ice surface is usually dangerous, but it is insured under various circumstances. People need to find a safe way in unstable formations, and must reliably pay attention to the condition of the ice below their feet. Walkers can choose to camp in caves along the coast as individual neighborhoods, or set up tents where the ice is basically the same. The environment is close to minus 20 degrees, and it drops farther after sunset. It is recommended that you wear warm, layered clothing when going out regularly as much as possible. These help reliably keep the body warm, prevent mouth discomfort, and also prevent blood freezing.

 Good for Despair – This is one of the two cities that Trekkers will finish. The twilight perspective at this point legitimizes the viewing. Travelers will click on some photos here. Explorers will appear in the city after seeing the icy wilderness and the huge Tib cave. The city borders the center of the Chadar trek Circuit and key camps. In order to appear in Nerak City, Trekkers will rise with an exaggerated impression of mountain peaks. This loft office is similar to a popular pharmacy that is not outstanding, and it is also a light-based accumulation plant. In addition, there are permanent schools in this city, where substitute students can find their way to the principal level. All the main things, including titles, were bought for a full year around the small settlement of Wonla, which was carefully planned over a very long distance and organized around Zing La Pass. In essence, Chadar Trek connects the city of Herak with the rest of the world.

 Spirit Shed: Trekker will appear in Spirit Shed Village. The accumulation of this small town has different laws and meanings. This gathering is a famous place on the move. Eventually the swordsmen will visit standards like Gyalpo and bikes to ward off complaints. Gyalpo is a charming campsite located in the foothills of the Zanskar River. Here, the Blazers will find significant culminations and huge impacts on the standards, which are usually mentioned in incredible developments. Since then, pilgrims can see its value from the perspective of the Himalayas, and it is basically known as the quietest place on the excursion.

 At night, pilgrims will also have the opportunity to see the sky full of stars. Chadar Trek is known for its merciless camping conditions and fluctuating temperatures, there will be some models for adventurers to get up close to some models to get through annoying areas by upgrading and climbing rocks and cold rocks. The

 Aqua Blue ice line freezes in the wide part of the Zanskar River in the coldest season, and includes scary, serene and impressive chocolate, which is the main factor that makes Chadar Trek an unprecedented journey.

 stipulates that in any case, someone must share their consent with friends or family members to go to Chadar Trek. This will ensure that someone can help you in a crisis.

 Given that the possibility of falling is unimaginably low, it is stipulated to invite pleasant clothing. Gyalpo is a charming campsite located on the ridge of the Zanska River. Here, travelers will find big spikes and huge standard shakes that are often used in special programs. It is recommended that hikers respect the food and water that can be eaten with them, and think about the ways in which food and water shortages can occur during the tour.

 Someone should not stop bringing emergency treatment kits and remedies, because the pioneer will be involved in trials that require a lot of membership, and will be injured and cut as often as possible during the walk.

 Someone must ensure that the trekking is extraordinary and that they cannot chase or discard anything during the journey. Also, tourists are encouraged not to use cleaning experts and cleaning experts on the course.

 One must consider every demanding religion and the tranquility of all coming refuges.

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