Highest paid independent IT skills and how to master them today

Are you thinking of trying independent work? The e-skills of self-employed workers are in high demand and companies are willing to pay more to attract skilled workers.

Whether you want to earn more money or work for a full-time independent job, getting the right skills will help you get to the door. This blog will feature some of the highest paid standalone IT skills so you can find job opportunities that fit your skills and career path.

Freelance Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Why should we work independently?

Freelancing gives you an edge in workload control and flexibility at work whenever and wherever you want.

Self-employed workers are their own masters and enjoy complete autonomy. They can work when they are most productive and choose colleagues. Finally, self-employed people gain new skills with each new job, and depending on the job they seek, they may be earning a higher salary than full-time employees.

The highest paid IT in independence

If you are ready to enter the world of freelancing, you need to know the highest paid freelance skills you have available as an IT professional. Here are the top six:

1. Blockchain developer

Blockchain start-ups raised a total of $ 2.4 billion in 2018 and are on track to exceed that amount this year. It is clear that blockchain is becoming an important technology as companies experiment with what it can do both with cryptocurrencies and within other industries.

Blockchain developers are responsible for building applications, developing new currencies and building protocols with technology.

Average salary: $ 57 per hour

Prerequisites: To become a blockchain developer, you need software engineering skills, a solid understanding of blockchain development platforms such as Ethereum, and knowledge of algorithms and data creation.

Recommended training: Blockchain Training Alliance course

2. Solution Architect

Solution architecture is important for developing foolproof technology solutions and identifying problems before they cause problems. Solution architects identify problems within business applications or solutions and create plans to address the problems and ensure that business needs are met.

Companies independently hire architectural solutions to review their existing infrastructure from both a commercial and technical standpoint and determine the requirements for ideal solutions.

Average salary: $ 70 per hour

Prerequisites: Independent solution architects must have experience in project management and excellent communication skills. They should also have a proven track record in DevOps, cloud development, software architecture design, and IT infrastructure.

Recommended training:

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

Project management course

3. AWS Developer

With 32% of the world market share, AWS is the largest cloud company in the world. Therefore, being able to develop high-performance AWS applications and solutions is a highly sought-after skill.

According to a NetEnrich survey, 85% of companies reported moderate or extensive use of cloud infrastructure in 2019. The companies hire independent AWS developers to design the cloud computing architecture, develop cloud applications, manage SysOps administration and more.

An independent AWS-certified developer can find work as a cloud developer, cloud architect or cloud software engineer.

Average salary: $ 60 per hour

Prerequisites: AWS developers must have a certified AWS developer certificate and must be familiar with most AWS services. They also need proven results in programming languages, cloud infrastructure, networks and the Linux operating system.

Recommended training: Certified AWS developer – collaborator

4. Power BI Advisor

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most used tools in the field of business intelligence. Microsoft Power BI consultants help companies implement a solid BI strategy and maximize the return on analytics investment.

Power BI advisors help business users prevent common mistakes and give them access to the information they need in Power BI. The consultants also educate companies on Power BI best practices, plan budgets, and provide demonstrations.

Average salary: $ 50 per hour

Prerequisites: Power BI consultants need several years of experience using Power BI and Azure BI tools, creating data models, and collaborating in a team deployment environment.

Recommended training: Power BI course

5. Natural language processing developer

The growth of voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri has increased the demand for NLP Independent Processing Capabilities (NLP).

NLP programmers design and develop NLP applications by helping machines learn and understand human language. They use oral technology to transfer data from natural language to useful functions. NLP designers also perform evaluation experiments, perform statistical analysis, and improve models to be more effective.

Average Pay: $36 per hour

Requirements: Natural language development developers require IT, language, or intelligence training. They often require rigorous programming and software development skills.

Recommended Training: Program Process

6. Information security consultant

It’s no secret that cyber-attacks are on the rise, with billions said to affect billions of people in 2018 alone. Considering that cyber attacks can cost millions of dollars for businesses, data security professionals have become increasingly self-reliant.

IT security consultants help members update cybersecurity forecasts, conduct security assessments, and identify weaknesses in the company’s network.

Average salary: $ 90 per hour

Requirements: Information security providers often require a CISSP or CISM certificate, as well as advanced service management and communication skills. They must have firefighters, agents, patch management, SIEM, IDPS vision and antivirus software. They will be able to detect and improve network vulnerabilities.

Gain very independent skills in the new Horizons

Freelancing has been a great opportunity for IT professionals. But if it is something you are interested in riding, then discovering the highest paid profession will take you a long way. But you also need training to support any skill you want to demonstrate.

Through the New Horizons training course, you can gain the skills you need to become a freedom seeker. 

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